Child Registration and Enrollment



Prior to your child's first day we will need the following forms and information:

  • Completed Application

1. Registration Form

2. Child Information for Classroom (Home-Based Center Only)

  • Permission to photograph form
  • Medical Care Authorization
  • Signature page from the Parent Handbook - Signed and dated

1. Physical and Immunization Record - Signed, initialed, or stamped by Dr.

2. Dr’s signature affirming that your child is adequately and age-appropriately 


  • Birth Certificate (or other means of confirming your child's identity)

We need to document the information but will not retain a copy of birth certificates

  • Custody paperwork (if applicable)

We ask that you contribute to our classroom supply every 2 weeks:

  • Box of tissues 
  • Container of baby wipes 

On your child's first day of Playschool, Preschool, or PreKindergarten he/she will need the following items:

  • Change of clothes including socks and underwear
  • Fitted crib sheet and blanket for rest time


Enrollment Packets are specific to each Center location.  Registration forms must be completed and returned 24 hours prior to your child being elligible to attend. Registration Fee due at time of registration. 



Supplemental forms (used by all Centers) include Medication Authorization, Asthma Action Plan, Food Allergy Action Plan, and Sunscreen/Diaper Ointment Authorization.